Gloom And Doom

Available Platform: PlayStation®4 &  Nintendo Switch™

Release date in Asia: 1st November 2021

Release date in Japan: Early 2022

Gloom and Doom is a visual novel throwback to 90s slacker movies – complete with the solitude and sarcastic retorts – but with a supernatural twist. Push a powerful but unmotivated wraith to complete his stagnated quest to enter heaven, while trying to kill the suicidal but unkillable Doom Bringer.



    • 90’s outcast moviesThe type of moody characters and isolated urban environments reminiscent of your favorite scenes from The CrowReality BitesEdward Scissorhands, and Before Sunrise.
    • A quirky cast of characters – Banter with unique characters like a skateboarding angel, a demon girl-next-door best friend, and the least humane humans around.
    • A dark coming-of-age tale about a young girl and her ghostly guardianThe two main characters are stuck in a repetitive cycle of frustration and loneliness, not knowing what they’re meant to do. But together they’ll inspire each other to push for change, kill a few demons… and maybe destroy the world.
    • Scratchy hand-drawn visualsOriginal artwork in the style of 90s spandex superhero comics, with bold black outlines and heavily-inked blocks of shadows.
    • 7 endings to uncoverYou could save the girl, earn a place in Heaven, or cause the end of the world. Subtle and in-your-face choices throughout the game affect the sets of endings possible when you reach the final act.
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