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DreadOut 2

Available platforms: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5

Release date: July 20th, 2022

Languages: English/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/Japanese/Indonesian

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Singapore (18th Feb 2023)

Malaysia (18th Feb 2023)

Indonesia (18th Feb 2023)

Thailand (18th Feb 2023)

Hong Kong (18th Feb 2023)

Taiwan (18th Feb 2023)

Bahrain (Available now)

Kuwait (Available now)

Oman (Available now)

Qatar (Available now)

United Arab Emirates (Available now)


A unique take on third-person action-adventure survival horror with Indonesian supernatural in veins. Mixed gameplay of city exploring, “DreadOut” style smartphone ghost hunting and new action-packed combat within DreadOut supernatural realm. Even though it is a Horror game in veins, but with the touch of silly high school problems, satiric social commentaries, and yet touchy memorable moments, DreadOut 2 will become a fresh take on the survival horror genre.

DreadOut 2 will be utilizing a mixed improved mechanic of our previous DreadOut along with a new combat-oriented mechanic!

  • Banish them all! Hunt and defeat intangible ghosts with Linda’s smartphone camera, or use melee weapons and projectiles against physical ghosts
  • Delve deeper in DreadOut supernatural realm with a new combat-oriented mechanic
  • A world of dread: Explore Linda’s hometown and beyond, talk to residents (alive and dead!), complete side-quests, and dive deeper into DreadOut’s lore
  • Discover ghosts and urban legends: Search out spirits and uncover local myths to complete the Ghostpedia app on Linda’s smartphone
  • Terrifying boss spirits: Keep your nerve as you battle the supernatural realm’s most hostile ghosts, including the chilling Kuntilanak, and horrifying Gore Surgeon

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