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Nongunz Doppleganger Edition Nintendo Switch

Nongunz Doppelganger Edition

Nongunz is a nihilistic action-platformer roguelike.
Obscure in both gameplay and theme, it’s a riddle that demands sacrifice.
Rebuilt from the ground-up, the Doppelganger Edition is a remastered version of the original, never previously released on console, and features two all-new modes: Arena and Local Co-op.

Available now for the Nintendo Switch™!


Unto The End Nintendo Switch

Unto The End

Unto The End is a challenging, handcrafted combat-adventure. Alone and outmatched, a humble father must endure a desperate journey to get back to his family. Armed with a sword, a dagger, and his wits, he must outfight and outsmart the creatures he encounters as he treks through unfamiliar lands, where every step brings him closer to home but is fraught with untold dangers.

Unto The End is available now for the Nintendo Switch™!

beyond a steel sky revolution software nintendo switch ps4 ps5 softsourcepublishing

Beyond A Steel Sky 

Beyond a Steel Sky takes place in Union City, a dystopian cyberpunk metropolis that is ripe with mystery and sinister secrets. Taking place decades after the original game, Beyond a Steel Sky is an ‘ambitious adventure’ featuring a stunning comic book aesthetic from Dave Gibbon, and sees players following Robert Foster, who is on a mission to rescue a child recently abducted in a brutal attack.

Beyond a Steel Sky is available now for the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and  PlayStation®5!

Gold Club Wasteland Nintendo Switch

Golf Club Wasteland 

Welcome to our inevitable future. 99% of human life is wiped out and Earth is now a golf course for the ultra-rich, who fled to Mars. Play through an artistic apocalypse as a lone golfer back on Earth for one last round. In between putts, you’ll piece together the fall of humanity at the hands of consumerism, Silicon Valley culture and ecological disaster through the narrative, custom radio show style soundtrack and environmental storytelling.

Golf Club Wasteland will be made available for the Nintendo Switch in March 2022!


connectank natsume nintendo switch ps4 xbox softsourcepublishing


ConnecTank is a 1 to 4 player 2D action-adventure game developed by YummyYummyTummy, Inc and published by Natsume, Inc.
It combines exciting tank battles with puzzle solving. Deliver packages for one of three Barons seeking to become the top Tycoon of New Pangea. Through innovative tank battle mechanics utilizing both skill and teamwork, players fight rival tanks to improve their existing tank or, once enough parts are collected, use new ones!

ConnecTank will be made available for the Nintendo Switch™,  PlayStation®4 and XBOX in Asia!

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