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Asia Release DateOctober 01, 2021
Available PlatformsPlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™
No. of Players1
ASI Rating12+ (輔12級 / Parental Guidance 12)
CERO RatingCERO A (全年齢対象 / All Ages)
語音 / Voice英文 / English
字幕 / Subtitle中文、英語、日語、葡萄牙語、法語、意大利語、德語、西班牙語、俄語 /

Gearshifters is a high-intensity top-down vehicle combat game, combining classic shoot-em-up retro arcade gameplay with rogue-like elements. Steer, drift, spin, smash and gun through waves of enemy vehicles. Go to war against extreme machine bosses. Build up and tune your tactical loadout of car mods, defences and weaponry for each treacherous transport mission. Drive. Destroy. Get Paid. Upgrade!


  • Drive and Destroy – Employ precision control and expert driving skills to race rings around foes, dodge incoming projectiles, and unleash intense attacks. High-octane action at every turn, slide and spin.
  • Mega-vehicle Boss Battles – Defeat the lawless factions that dominate dystopian future Europe, and take down their insane, heavily-armed boss machines.
  • Get paid and upgrade! Tackle dangerous delivery missions to ensure the safe arrival of precious cargo. Get paid, and modify your car with offensive, defensive, cosmetic and performance-based customisations.
  • Explosive Delivery – Expand your territory across the post-apocalyptic continent. Only the most skilled Gearshifter can take on the most perilous routes and reach the mysterious Citadel.

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