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In the program, we will present and a whole complete overview of It’s Mealtime!‘s gameplay, main features, game modes & competitive play!

There will be an introduction of future updates (seasons and weekly events).

‘LIVE’ and recorded viewing is available on the Tokyo Game Show official YouTube channel.

>> Go to the official YouTube channel for It’s Mealtime!” presentation

It’s Mealtime!

It’s Mealtime! is a game that combines fast paced cooking

with multiple frantic challenges that will determine your restaurant’s success!

Play in teams of 4 in either competitive PvP or challenging Co-Op modes.


To run a successful restaurant, you need to cook and serve food quickly to customers PLUS juggle with…

… challenging physics-based controls;

… growing ingredients;

… swatting bugs;

… avoiding fast cars;

… even fighting natural disasters!


It’s Mealtime! is a hilarious culinary misadventure packed with unique in-game skins and dynamic weekly dramatic events.



    Product Information

    Title: It’s Mealtime!

    Platform: Steam PC

    Release Date (Digital): Early 2022 (Global)

    Suggested Retail Price (Digital): JPY2,200 / USD19.99 (all prices include sales tax)

    Genre: Co-Op F&B Action

    Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

    Players: 1 – 4 (online supported via Steam Remote Play)

    Publisher: Soft Source Pte Ltd

    Developer: Team Madness Games

    © 2021 Soft Source Pte. Ltd. All Brands and images displayed are trademarks of their respective owners.