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Available Platform: Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4

Release Date in Asia 3 September & Japan 9th December 2021

Criminal organizations are taking residence inside abandoned structures throughout the city making schemes, taking hostages, and becoming far too comfortable. Behind every door and around every corner, they will be there. They may have the numbers, but you have the element of surprise and the repower.

Your objective: clear them out. Room by room, floor by floor. Use any means necessary to cleanse the city of its criminal plague.



    • High-Rise, Higher Stakes – Ascend the gang’s tower, taking on tougher goons as you go.
    • Double Trouble – It wouldn’t be a buddy-cop shooter without a partner close by your side. Call in a co-op ride-along, either local or online.
    • Perks of the Job – Customise your loadout with a series of performance-enhancing perks and upgrades.
    • Guns to Go – The three magazines of 9mm you brought were never going to get you off the first floor. Chop and change from your expanding arsenal as you defeat enemies.

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